WTM?’s 31 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century

It’s time for the Kreugers, the Myers’, the Vorhees’, the Bates’, and the Pazuzus to take a back seat, as here at WTM? I count down my picks for the 31 best horror films of the 21st Century…


Itching to see IT? – 3 reasons we should all be floating down to the cinema on September 8th

In the story, 'It' returns to Derry to every 27-years. IT’s 2017 release will come 27-years after it was first adapted for screens in 1990. Spooky coincidence or mighty clever marketing? Either way, IT is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated movie events of this year. But just why should we all be floating down to the cinema on the 8th September?

Lost in London, found in Oxford: A Saturday with Woody

Lost in London, written, directed and starring Woody Harrelson, is a truly remarkable feat of modern filmmaking. Based on his very own experiences of a night he had in Soho in 2002, the film centres around Harrelson (playing himself) and his various run-ins with the law, angry taxi-drivers, and a few unexpected famous faces in unlikely places; each with equally hilarious consequences as he desperately attempts to keep the promise he made to his kids of a Harry Potter set visit.