REVIEW: The Snowman (2017)

Troubled but terrific Oslo detective Harry Hole (Fassbender) balances less than commendable fathering with alcoholism and a stagnating work life. While tagging along on a missing persons case led by new recruit Katrine Bratt (Ferguson), it becomes clear that everything is tied to a serial killer who’s been at large for years, with a rather distinctive calling card...


REVIEW: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

30 years after the events of Blade Runner, and the Earth’s eco-system is in tatters. The Tyrell empire has all but collapsed, a void filled by Niander (Leto) and his Wallace Corporation: responsible for creating fully-subservient next-gen Replicants. Officer K (Gosling) is a Blade Runner for the LAPD and tasked with hunting and ‘retiring’ the last of the rebellious Tyrell-era Nexus-8 Replicants. When a routine mission unearths a discovery that…

REVIEW: mother! (2017)

An unnamed couple live in a large, remote house. He (Bardem) is a poet suffering from severe writer’s block. She (Lawrence) spends her days restoring the house and attending to every domestic task in the book. One night, a stranger (Harris) turns up on their doorstep thinking it is a B&B. When her husband invites him – and later his wife (Pfeiffer) – to stay, it becomes apparent that they may have let something far worse into their lives…

REVIEW: It (2017)

In the fall of 1988, tragedy hits close to home for Bill Denbrough (Lieberher), leaving him plagued with grief. The following summer, the children of the small town of Derry, Maine, start to go missing without a trace. Both events appear to share the same culprit: an immortal, shapeshifting clown. Along with his bumbling band of fellow pre-teen outcasts – the self-proclaimed ‘Losers’ Club’ – Bill and buds must face their worst fears in a bid to bring down the evil entity for good.

REVIEW: Wind River (2017)

After a teenage girl is found raped and murdered on the snow-covered plains of the Native American reservation of Wind River, Wyoming, out-of-town FBI agent Jane Banner (Olsen) is sent to find the killer. She enlists the help of local hunter/tracker Cory Lambert (Renner), who is battling with a traumatic past of his own.

REVIEW: Detroit (2017)

1967, Detroit. As tensions between African Americans and local police spill over into what will become the 12th Street Riot, a task-force raids The Algiers Motel in search of a supposed sniper. When their search appears unsuccessful, a night of terrifying race-hate and violence ensues.