Jonathan Demme: A Tribute – Why we should still be making noise about The Silence of the Lambs

Today, cinema worshippers, horror aficionados, and cannibals everywhere were united in sadness at the news of the passing of legendary director Jonathan Demme, aged 73. Here, I pay tribute to perhaps his finest work.

REVIEW: Life (2017)

When the six-member crew (seven if you include the lab rat) aboard the International Space Station – of which includes captain and quarantine enforcer Dr Miranda North (Ferguson), space-addict Dr David Jordan (Gyllenhaal), and wise-cracking Yankee Rory Adams (Reynolds) – capture a probe returning from Mars with soil samples, they are soon in the company of an eighth member when an extra-terrestrial organism is discovered. Initially harmless and exciting, it quickly becomes apparent that E.T this really isn’t when it begins a murderous rampage.

REVIEW: Get Out (2017)

As photographer Chris (Kaluuya) and girlfriend Rose (Williams) prepare for a weekend trip to her folks so he can finally be introduced, Chris is concerned by the fact she hasn’t told them he’s black. After an overly friendly welcome upon arrival, and a few awkward dinner chats, it appears that something very sinister is at play. Meet the parents this is, but Meet the Parents this really ain’t…