REVIEW: The Emoji Movie (2017)

In Textopolis, the city within a smartphone home to all emojis, each emoji has only one distinct facial expression. Gene (Miller), the ‘Meh’ emoji, struggles to stick to his pre-ordained expression, however, and so teams up with the underused high-five emoji (Corden) and a codebreaker emoji called Jailbreak (Faris) on a quest to become a better Meh.


REVIEW: Logan (2017)

The year is 2029, and with mutants on the edge of extinction, Logan follows a visibly ageing Wolverine (Jackman) now residing at an abandoned smelting plant on the Mexican border; spending his days chauffeuring the wealthy while caring for the now neurodegenerative Professor Charles Xavier (Stewart). But trouble soon finds its way back to the former X-man when he is tasked with transporting a mysterious young refugee named Laura (Keen) across the Canadian border; someone who a group of government supervillains have an unhealthy interest in.